We want your Mare!
Join us at the 4th annual 2019 FHANA Mare Show

Mare Show West: October 9 at 10:00 a.m., DG Bar Ranch, Hanford, CA
Mare Show East: October 2 at 6:00 p.m., Champions Expo Center, Springfield, OH

** NEW FOR 2019 **

1e Yearling Fillies Invited

New for 2019! We are now inviting all 1e yearling fillies to earn this title during the 2019 keuring season to either FHANA Mare Show! This will be a fun addition of quality youngsters to our lineup.

Do you have a 1e Yearling or Two-Year-Old, Ster, Kroon, or Model mare? Bring her to the 4th annual FHANA Mare Show and allow her to compete with the best mares in North America. We are looking forward to seeing your mare at the location closest to you! Eligibility and rules are the same in both locations.

Mares who qualify and have not attended a keuring in 2019 will be eligible to be upgraded at this event. This is the perfect incentive to bring your mare.

** NEW FOR 2019 **

Junior & Senior Champions at Both Locations

Did you know that the top two mares in these semi-final rounds will be selected to go to the Championship round with a chance to win $1,500 as Champion and $1,000 as Reserve Champion? Enter your 1e yearling, 1e two-year-old, Ster, Kroon, Provisional Kroon, Model, or Provisional Model mare for the chance to win this prestigious title!

In 2018, mares were transported as far as Texas and Canada for what is becoming THE premier mare event in North America. The FHANA Mare Show is growing in popularity and quality each year, which is a tribute to the many hard-working breeders striving to produce quality Friesians here in North America. We thank our breeders both big and small for continuing to help the Friesian horse grow and thrive in North America! Your contribution to this magnificent breed has been seen in the exquisite quality of the mares for the past three years.